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Downhill Tees - About Us

Downhill Tees is owned and operated by Vera Cruz Marketing, Inc. Vera Cruz Marketing is a privately held software services and engineering firm located in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Downhill Tees works with Zazzle.com to provide custom designed unique T-shirts to our downhill skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders and bikers. "My Life is Going Downhill" was a saying/brand introduced to the skiing industry back in 1987 when Vince Lynn originally advertised it in "Ski" and "Skiing" magazine - a 1 inch classified ad in the back of the magazines. Today, the Internet is a much more powerful way to get the brand out there.

Downhill Tees makes the designs and advertises the products. Zazzle.com handles production, fulfillment of orders and support.

Vincent Lynn - Owner - Vera Cruz Marketing, Inc.
Vince Lynn has been skiing since he was 2-years old - back in 1966! That's about all he can say as far as skiing accomplishments. We wish we could tell you that he won a few medals at the Olympics or the World Championships. But the best we can do is - he broke his leg skiing back when he was in 2nd grade. Oh well, not much of a story...

Vince Lynn has held leadership roles in a number of startup ventures and has a strong base of marketing and technical experience in many industries - including both the telecommunications and nuclear engineering fields. At Vera Cruz Marketing, Vince consults his engineering services to nuclear power service firms including Master-Lee Energy Services, Westinghouse, Ariva and others that perform inspection services at all of the worlds' electric utilities. He works with teams of engineers as they inspect critical components for quality and safety. He has also successfully developed and executed a marketing initiative to offer telecommunications services to small businesses that need unified communication tools - including Internet faxing and PBX services.

Prior to starting VCM in 1996, Vince was co-founder and president of Vortex Applications (now CoreStar International) where he developed new software products and inspection services for the non-destructive examination of heat exchangers in the power and petrochemical markets.

Vince has also spent many years marketing and managing technical products and services for Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems and other smaller technology companies. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Vera Cruz Marketing, Inc.
Macungie, PA 18062
Email: support@outagetees.com

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